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Polyurethane Foam

in its various forms plays a significant role in our everyday lives - from the mattresses we sleep on to the furniture in our houses, from the garments we wear to the footwear we use, from carpeting to sound and thermal insulation, from refrigerators to washing machines, from paints to stationery, from automobiles to spacecraft, you name it, it has polyurethane foam in it!

The list of polyurethane foam applications is fast growing and bringing flexible foam in its various forms closer to you is Springfeel Polyurethane Foams Private Limited.

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Finesse Mattresses


Springfeel has launched a fine range of mattresses and pillows under the brand name "Finesse".

The focus of Finesse is to provide the customer with a whole range of sleeping surfaces that include Foam and Memory Foam mattresses, spring mattresses with bonnel, pocketed and micropocketed innerspring cores and Five Zone Latex mattress.

Finesse pillows are offerred in Super-Soft foam, memory foam, micro-fibre and latex varieties.